J Sperling-tThank you to Julie Sperling for sending in her story about Taylor Mae. Julie found Horslyx a valuable tool to help change hoof dressings after Taylor Mae suffered from a very traumatic injury. “I rescued a horse in November 2011, she was a 4 year old thoroughbred. A very difficult horse on the ground but very quiet when ridden. We had a very eventful year in many ways dealing with one issue after another but we were getting there and were very positive. Then early in September Taylor managed to get some wire into her frog. She ended up in intensive care at the vets, the wire had damaged most structures in the foot and had gone septic. On arrival at the vets when they did cell counts to see the severity the white cell count was at 99. They prepared me for the worst but her only hope was an operation. They removed the sole of her foot, cleaned the bones (scraping the dead infected tissue off), flushed the joint and the tendon sheath as the wire had pierced the navicular burser. She was on IV antibiotics and had nine infusion of antibiotics directly into the tendon sheath. To protect the wounds she had a bar shoe put on with a hospital plate to cover the foot, this was stuffed with swabs that were dipped in iodine, this had to be changed daily intially.”

“To do the swab change she had to be heavily sedated and nerve blocked. After 10 days we had already hit the insurance limit so I had to be more frugal. The dressings were then changed every other day with the sedation but this was costing £200 a time and I had to be realistic plus her chances of survival were still only 50/50. I asked that she could come home, she would be less stressed and if the worst came to the worst I would have spent her last days at home with me. It came to the day of the first dressing change, she was sedated with sedalin and it took an hour and a half to change those dressings with sedation, twitched in 2 places and covering her eye plus three people. I said this wasn’t any good it was dangerous.”

“We left it a couple of days and I had bought her the original Horslyx, just to occupy her while I was mucking her out (as she had become agressive around her haynet – this was to do with her at the vets having sedation etc.). She had never had one before and she relaxed and allowed me to muck her out. It was the night of the next dressing change, my daughter and I were dreading it. I said to her to humour me and could we try no sedation and let her lick the Horslyx, she said yes we’ll give it a go we did have sedation as back up though!”

“Half an hour later the dressing had been done with only a little stress and that was the last part putting a wedge under her foot to relieve pressure to the tendon. We used the original Horslyx everytime since and it took just ten minutes to do the dressings. 

I cannot thank you enough for this product, when I told the vets they couldn’t believe it and had to come out to see for themselves. It changed my horse for the better, the action of licking totally relaxed and de-stressed her. The biotin within the original lick has also helped as the sole has almost in its entireity grown back and this almost two months from the operation. To top it all off it has saved me a fortune in sedation.

I hope you can use Taylor’s story, I don’t think she would be the only difficult patient but it may just help another.”



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