Why would I need to use Horslyx, my compound feed contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements?

A. Horslyx contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package designed to balance nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing offering a more natural ‘trickle feed’ nutrient supply. If your horse or pony is at rest or is in light work then Horslyx can replace the compound feed, especially if you are feeding less than the recommended amounts of the feed for the size of your horse. When you feed a compound feed at lower than the recommended rate, it is advisable to replace those missing vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and Horslyx is the perfect solution to balance the diet. If your horse has higher nutrient requirements because it is in harder work, then Horslyx offers many other benefits. As well as balancing nutrient deficiencies in a horse’s diet, it can also be used to alleviate stress and boredom for horses stabled for long periods.

Licking stimulates saliva production, which is essential for healthy gut function. Another point worth considering is that all living beings have individual metabolic rates, which means that their daily nutrient requirements may not exactly meet the “book values”. The advantage of a free choice feed lick is that it allows the horse to regulate its own requirement. Most horses, when settled on the product, will use Horslyx as and when required. Just be aware of greedy individuals.

Yes! Horslyx is molasses based which makes the lick highly palatable, even for the most fussy of eaters!

No! Molasses is unrefined sugar and is the same type of sugar found in grass and hay; which is why your horse is efficient in digesting it. One of the advantages of feeding Horslyx rather than a bucket feed is that intakes of molasses are little and often, replicating that of natural grazing behaviour.

Like most things, molasses is good in moderation! There has been no proven research to suggest that molasses is detrimental to the horse hoof, we can only assume that this old wives tale relates to a sugar overload which can cause laminitis, however Horslyx is designed to allow your horse a natural ‘trickle feed’ approach to balance nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing. Moderation is the key with regards to an effective feeding system. One of the advantages of feeding Horslyx rather than a bucket feed is that intakes of molasses are little and often, replicating that of natural grazing behaviour.

The rate of consumption is key to effective digestion…licking takes time and patience, which in turn reduces the rate of consumption in comparison to bucket feeds.

There is 33% sugar in Horslyx and when feeding a 500kg horse at the recommended daily intake of 250g, just 82.5g of sugar will be added to his diet in a 24hr period. This is a very small quantity when compared to the daily intakes of fresh grass which equates to around 2000g of sugar!

Like most things, sugar is good in moderation. The central nervous system, including the brain, can only use glucose (the purest form of sugar) as an energy source.

No, the enamel on horses’ teeth is far tougher than the enamel which protects human teeth. When a horse licks Horslyx it releases a large amount of saliva which washes over the teeth raising the oral pH – it could be considered as the equine equivalent of chewing gum!

No, all horses fed Horslyx glow with health, they will have a glossy, shiny coat and bright eyes but will not be supplied with excessive energy from the product.

Yes, if used sensibly and correctly. The target daily intake of 250g per day would provide the same amount of sugar as 2 pounds of good hay – not enough to trigger laminitis. The key factor is not just the total daily intake but the rate of consumption – licking takes time and patience! However we would always recommend caution when giving Horslyx to horses and ponies on restricted rations, as it is very palatable and a hungry horse or pony may consume higher than the recommended daily intake if ad lib access is allowed.

Horslyx is extremely palatable and correct introduction is necessary for your horse to consume the recommended daily intake. To achieve optimum, cost effective benefit from your Horslyx, we recommend that you introduce it gradually into your horses’ diet. Once your horse has accepted Horslyx as part of its daily routine, free access can be allowed and the majority of horses will self-regulate and only take it when they require it. Ensure that there is no time gap between replacing the lick when it runs out. If your horse still persists to consume the lick too quickly you have two options; our 5Kg refill Horslyx and holder provide restrictor bars to reduce consumption rates, or you can physically restrict your horse by only allowing access for 1-2 hours per day.

Horslyx recommends that an average 500kg horse should consume 250g a day, however this can be hard to monitor. At this rate a 5kg lick would last a 500kg horse just less than three weeks. If your horse or pony is consistently licking the Horslyx for a large part of every day it is likely that too much is being consumed. If this is the case we recommend that you gradually introduce Horslyx into your horses’ diet until they have accepted it as part of their daily routine. If your horse or pony does consume more than the recommended daily intake, it will not harm your horse, it will simply be less cost effective as the Horslyx will run out quicker!

During the first introduction your horse may try to bite Horslyx, however Horslyx is hard and they will soon figure out that they can only ‘lick’ it. However if biting continues we recommend using our 5kg refill Horslyx and 5kg Holder as this incorporates a restrictor bar and reduces consumption rates. Unlike all other licks on the market Horslyx does not contain any chemicals to harden it, therefore if a lump is bitten off by your horse it will dissolve at body temperature and not cause your horse any harm.

No! If your horse eats Horslyx quicker than the recommended daily amount the excess will be digested without any negative effects to your horse or pony.

Every Horslyx product contains Biotin, Methionine and Chelated Zinc, which are essential nutrients to promote strong, healthy horn growth. The combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements also included in every Horslyx product optimises absorption of essential nutrients to promote healthy hooves.

No! Horslyx fed alongside forage (grass/hay/haylage) is a cost effective way of feeding. Horslyx balances forage and grazing and can be fed to the average size 500kg horse for one whole year for under £140* – bargain! That is only 38p per day (*based on feeding an 80Kg XL+ Horslyx Original Balancer, prices correct as at July 2021)

Horslyx is unique! It is the only lick on the market that:

  • Is a ‘Feed Lick’ not just a mineral lick, Horslyx contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, oil, protein, antioxidants and the ‘healthy hoof formula’.
  • Recommended intakes of Horslyx are often much lower than other products, meaning that your horse needs less each day to get his full complement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the day Therefore, if you work out the price per day rather than the cost of the tub, most of the time Horslyx works out comparable or cheaper than other licks and can be as little as 38p per day (*based on feeding an 80Kg XL+ Horslyx Original Balancer, prices correct as at July 2021).
  • Is weatherproof, as it only contains around 3% water compared with other licks which can contain much more. Horslyx contains no chemical fillers or binders, other types of licks contain these in order to harden them, Horslyx is made using a unique cooking process.
  • Horslyx lasts longer than any other lick due to it being fully weatherproof it doesn’t disintegrate in the rain making it more cost effective.

Horslyx is designed so that it can be easily knocked out of its packaging and placed into anything the owner wishes to. When feeding Horslyx in the stable our 5Kg stable refill is designed to be removed from the original packaging and placed in our 5kg Holder. This can be fixed to the wall or the door and comes with a restrictor bar to limit the intake of greedy horses. The 5kg Holder can also be used in the field attached to a fence or a wall. For those prone to scratching, placing the holder on the outside of the door removes temptation! The bracket for the 5kg Holder folds flat so it can be neatly folded away when not in use.

Every single Horslyx product contains a comprehensive package of nutrients to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing. Our 650g Mini Horslyx can be used as a healthy treat but contains a three day supply of vitamins and minerals. The larger Horslyx products provide a palatable, cost-effective and convenient way of providing horses and ponies with a balanced diet when fed alongside adequate forage.

Mini Horslyx can be useful in many a situation. All horses and ponies love a treat whether as a reward or a bribe! Some ideas for their uses are: Loading – Clipping – Stretching exercises – Shoeing – Catching – Vet visits – Stressful situations or simply as a reward!

Yes! Many riding club level horses, leisure horses, horses in light work, horses at rest and breeding stock will receive the required amount of energy and nutrients when fed Horslyx and forage or grazing alone. Many horses are prone to excess weight gain or can get fizzy and excitable on cereal based feeds. For these horses, the forage in the diet will provide the calories, while the Horslyx will provide the vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to balance the diet all year round. Horses at higher competition levels or performance work are likely to have a higher nutrient requirement than Horslyx and forage/grazing provide alone, however the licks can still be used alongside cereal and fibre feeds to provide optimum amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and to alleviate stable stress which can reduce forage consumption. Horslyx is extremely palatable and can be useful for those that have lost their appetite.

Yes! Horslyx can be used when the forage intake of the performance horse is reduced. This will help alleviate stable stress that reduced forage rations often exacerbate. Horslyx can also be used alongside cereal rations to provide the optimum amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the harder working horse requires and in turn helps to optimise performance. Also remember that licking Horslyx stimulates saliva production, which is reduced when on a low forage diet, and so beneficial to the digestive system.

Muzzles covered in molasses can only mean one thing…your horse obviously loves Horslyx! They do get cleaner as they settle on the product, as long as you keep their access consistent and replace their lick when it has finished. If your horse is excessively messy we recommend that you use the 5Kg refill with our holder as this incorporates a restrictor bar which not only reduces consumption rates but can also reduce the mess! Warm soapy water or baby wipes will remove the molasses from either your horse, or yourself!

We do get asked this question. No, Horslyx is a molasses based lick as the molasses is present as a palatable carrier for those essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which promote health and vitality. We are unique as we do not have to use any chemicals to harden our lick – the molasses does this for us!

Horslyx is designed to be fed to horses, however it is also suitable for Donkeys, Zebra and Goats. Horslyx does contain copper so is NOT safe for sheep. For a lick that is suitable to give to all ruminants and pigs consider purchasing our Smallholder Block by Horslyx.

We do not recommend feeding Horslyx to sheep as the sheep should not be allowed access to products containing copper, as it could be fatal to the sheep. We suggest that the Horslyx is raised above sheep level. You can use the 5Kg Horslyx holder which can be attached to a paddock fence or wall, which would raise the height of the lick away from the sheep. For more than one horse try putting Horslyx on the other side of the fence, either raised up or placed on top of something, and fixed in place securely, so the horses can lean over and access the lick but the sheep cannot.