Fiona Nellis
General manager

As the General Manager at Horslyx, I am responsible for managing the Horslyx business and managing the team for the National and International business operations.


Home for me is North Yorkshire, living on a livestock farm.  I am a total horse addict and we have three horses. Duster is the old boy at 19 years who is fed Horslyx Mobility Balancer, to help him maintain healthy supple joints,  Boris just loves his Horslyx Mint Balancer and Zak, our youngster who can be prone to digestive upsets, has Pro Digest Balancer.  Why do I choose Horslyx Balancers for my horses? I like to feed my horses a low sugar, low starch diet and by feeding Horslyx Balancers I know my horses are being provided with the vitamins, minerals and trace elements they need in one easy to use cost effective lick, which has the extra benefit of promoting a trickle feeding pattern

Horslyx International Account Manager

I am the International Account Manager for Horslyx and my role includes New Business Development and the support of existing distributors outside of the UK. This of course involves lots of travel but I really enjoy experiencing the diversity between different countries and cultures. It seems that the management and feeding of horses and the way that horse feeds are distributed, differs greatly, even between neighbouring countries, however Horslyx is gaining in popularity across the globe.

My favourite product is the Mini Horslyx, it’s a great tester size and perfect for so many things.

Horslyx Brand Manager

As Brand Manager I am responsible for the packaging, point of sale and the social media presence that Horslyx Balancers present to our distributors, retailers and the end-users.  I love the chance to get into trade for the occasional day to find out how useful the point of sale items really are and how we can improve them for the retailer.  Day to day my job involves everything from dealing with customer queries to legislation and creative planning – so fairly varied!  Add to that mix I work part time with two small children, a horse called Cindy and a Border Terrier (not to mention the husband!) then life is fairly hectic!  I love basking in the knowledge that Cindy is getting a balanced diet plus keeping clear of flies with her free access Garlic Balancer letting me spend more time riding her than messing about with mixing feeds!

Dr Cliff Lister
Technical Director

Emma Owens
North UK Key Account Manager

I cover from Lancashire across to Hull and up to cover the whole of Scotland which keeps me pretty busy. The best thing about my job, is the variety it entails! Be it appointment, training, or even country – no two days are the same!

Although the Pro Digest Balancer is new on to the market, it’s my favourite product in the range. It’s done wonders for my mare, in both condition and temperament. It’s had such a positive effect on her, that I’m now feeding the rest of the yard Pro Digest Balancer too!

Nick Mackley
Midlands UK Area Sales Manager

No, you’re not seeing double, I am currently the Midlands UK Area Sales Manager as well as looking after the International Accounts.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation with all travel severely restricted I am enjoying the contact with our customers across the important Midlands UK area.  

While the Mini Horslyx is one of the most popular products for my International Accounts, the 80kg Original Horslyx is turning out to be very popular with horses out at grass across the Midlands. 

Kelly Johnson
South UK Key Account Manager

I am the newest recruit to the Horslyx team as Area Sales Manager for the South of the UK having joined in April 2019.  My day to day responsibilities include sales support for our many retailers, product training and the promotion of our range to the wider equine community.

I live in North Essex and am lucky enough to have a smallholding close to home, where our horses and goats live. Our Highland and Dales ponies are fed Horslyx Garlic and Horslyx Pro Digest alongside a forage based, low sugar diet and our two Toggenburg wethers, Bert & Ernie have our fabulous Smallholder block in their paddock.   It’s a great way to balance any deficiencies they may have in their forage and it’s a firm favourite with this cheeky pair. 

Sales Agent Ireland

I have worked as a representative for Horslyx in Ireland for over 10 years now and I still feel as passionate about the product now as when I did back when I started with the company in 2008. I am very lucky in my work as I get to sell something that I truly believe in and that I know actually improves the welfare of any horse.

I feed Pro-Digest to my stomach-sensitive 7 year old mare and she is “blooming” on the product. She’s seems more relaxed in the stable now and shows no more ulcer-like symptoms.  We compete at riding club and amateur events and people always comment how healthy and full of vitality she looks. If you’re a horse owner and you can give me 10 minutes of your time I can show why this product is brilliant and why every horse should have Horslyx.

Lisa Dean
Office Manager

tracey Wood
Purchasing & Sales Administrator

Sarah Scott
Customer services Administrator

Amelia Kerr
Customer Services Administrator