When you need a spare pair of hands…

Hands Free Handling is a third-party affiliate of Horslyx which provides an ideal solution to free up your hands when using a Mini Horslyx.  Interested? Read on to find out more.

If you regularly handle horses or ponies on your own, there will be many times when you feel that a spare pair of hands would come in useful.  This was certainly the case for Daniel Eades who works as a farrier across the South East of England which prompted him to develop the Handsfree Handling system in combination with the use of Mini Horslyx.

Daniel Eades is an experienced farrier who has been practising in the South East of England for nearly 30 years. Having grown up with horses and during his time as a farrier, he has encountered a vast number of horses, ranging from International competition horses to family pets, some of which have been difficult to shoe, trim or handle. Daniel has also written farriery related articles for national magazines such as Your Horse and Horse and Hound. In creating Handsfree Handling Daniel has provided a solution to help fellow farriers and horse owners who at times, need a spare pair of hands.

We all know how effective Mini Horslyx can be when used as a distraction, whether it’s for the farrier or vet, or while clipping, trimming or trying to plait a fidgety equine, nonetheless you do need someone else to hold the Mini Horslyx and more often than not there isn’t someone else around when you need them.  In that situation Handsfree Handling has the answer with their equine muzzle and headcollar combination.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Handsfree Handling system or would like to purchase one, please click here for more information. Please note that this link will take you to a third party website.

Handsfree Handling is a third-party affiliate of Carr’s Agriculture Ltd trading as Horslyx.  As such Horslyx bear no responsibility for the incorrect use of the product or any injury resulting from use of the product in any way.  We advise that you follow the instructions of the product carefully and any queries in regard to the product should be directed to info@handsfreehandling.co.uk.

Handsfree Handling is a muzzle and headcollar which when combined with the use of a Mini Horslyx, diverts the attention of your horse or pony, whilst giving you the free use of your hands to do other tasks such as clipping, pulling their mane or tail or to assist when you are having a visit from your farrier or vet.

  • The muzzle is deeper than others that are currently available, allowing for a Mini Horslyx to sit comfortably at the bottom.
  • The height of the muzzle can be adjusted when not being used with a Mini Horslyx, so can easily be turned into a grazing muzzle.
  • The breathing holes are ergonomically placed in order to allow enough ventilation, either when a lick is being used or not.
  • The patented feature of 3 quick release clips allow the muzzle to be quickly and easily removed or attached to the headcollar.
  • The leather breakaway strap allows the headcollar to be worn safely in the field.
  • Soft fleece is fitted around the top of the muzzle and on the headcollar for comfort.

How to Fit the Handsfree Handling

Handsfree Handling Shoeing