Feeding Guidelines

Horslyx Balancers offer a unique and natural way to balance your equine’s dietary requirements.

Designed to be as natural as possible for your horse or pony, Horslyx Balancers should be fed in a ‘trickle feed’ style. This means that your equine can always have access to the product, choosing themselves when they require their Vitamins and Minerals and balancing any deficiencies that can come from a grazing and forage diet. This system replicates what our horses and ponies would have in the wild and helps their digestive system to operate with maximum efficiency.

As with all new products we would advise you to introduce Horslyx Balancers into your equines diet slowly, monitoring the intake rate. We would recommend allowing your equine around 10 minutes a day with their Horslyx for the first week, the time can then be extended for periods of around ½ hour to an hour. Consumption can be easily monitored using the 5kg Horslyx holder with the restrictor bar to restrict intake. Once your horse or pony has become accustomed to their Horslyx Balancer you will often find their consumption will decrease and the product can then be left for them to use freely as and when they naturally feel they need it.

Size of Animal Target intakes 5kg will last approx. 15kg will last approx. 40kg will last approx. 80kg will last approx.
Pony 300kg 200g per day 25 days 75 days 200 days 400 days
Horse 500kg 250g per day 20 days 60 days 160 days 320 days
Large Horse 700kg 300g per day 17 days 50 days 133 days 267 days

Horslyx Balancers can be used alongside a forage only diet, as if your equine is consuming the recommended intake, the Horslyx Balancer will supply all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to be happy and healthy. For those animals requiring a little more energy Horslyx Balancers can also be used in conjunction with the traditional cereal diets or high fibre diets supplementing their vitamin and mineral intake.

Horslyx Balancers are ideal to occupy horses who traditionally may stress in the stable or those who are on restricted turnout but still need a balanced diet.

How to feed Horslyx Balancers

In order to make the most of feeding Horslyx Balancers we recommend the following feeding methods…

  • 80kg Horslyx XL+ Balancer is ideal for groups of horses in the field to ensure they are supplied with essential vitamins and minerals. 80kg Horslyx XL+ is for mechanical handling only.
  • 40kg Horslyx XL Balancer is also ideal for groups of horses in the field and can be manually handled.  We recommend the use of mechanical aids such as a sack barrow for ease and working as a team.
  • 15kg Horslyx Balancers are designed to be used with the 15kg Horslyx Holder.
  • 5kg Horslyx Balancers are designed to be used with the 5kg Horslyx Holder.
  • 650g Mini Horslyx is designed to be fed from the hand and is ideal as a distraction or reward.

Always offer Horslyx Balancers at a minimum of two tubs when there is more than one horse to avoid bullying


  • Suitable for all horse and ponies regardless of age, breed and workload. Horslyx Balancers are designed to benefit all horses ensuring they are getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet alongside a natural feeding regime.
  • Horslyx Balancers are low in starch and are suitable for horses or ponies who are prone to laminitis. As with all horses and especially laminitis prone equines, new products should always be introduced slowly and we recommend your equine has no longer than ten minutes with their Horslyx Balancer to begin with. This can be extended as your horse or pony gets used to the product and it becomes a part of their regular diet.
  • Remember if a horse or pony is on restricted rations of forage we recommend restricted access to Horslyx to avoid over-consumption. For more information on feeding the laminitis prone horse or pony visit our ‘Laminitis prone horses and ponies’ section.
  • Horslyx Balancers are not made with cereals, so are extremely low in starch which some horses can find ‘heating’. Fed correctly with the recommended intake Horslyx Balancer’s will not ‘heat up’ or create fizziness in your horse. Ensuring your equine has the right amount of vitamins and minerals is a good way to ensure your animal is kept fit and healthy.