15kg Horslyx Holder with Horslyx Balancer

15KG Horslyx Holder

What is it?
The re-usable 15kg Horslyx Holder offers a totally weatherproof and cost effective feeding method for the 15kg Horslyx Balancer. The 15kg Horslyx Holder is multi-purpose and can also be used as a floor feeder in the field or stable.

Why use the 15kg Horslyx Holder? 

  • Some horses love Horslyx so much that they can become very enthusiastic when enjoying their lick, occasionally leading to damaged tubs.
  • The Holder can be used in the field and/or in the stable as a way to protect against wayward hooves.
  • Virtually impossible to be knocked over and damaged.
  • Helps encourage a natural floor-feeding position to help maintain a healthy skeletal system.
  • Ideal for groups of horses in the field.

How to use the 15kg Horslyx Holder…

We recommend the use of the 15kg Horslyx Holder with any 15kg Horslyx Balancer product!

Due to the unique manufacturing process of Horslyx Balancer, your lick will ‘cold flow’ to match the surroundings. For example, with nothing to contain the lick it would spread across the ground.

When you first put Horslyx into the holder there will be a gap around the lick. This gap will be filled as the Horslyx ‘cold flows’ into the space. This process can take some time, but the warmer the lick and its surroundings, the quicker the process will be.

Allowing this ‘cold flow’ process to take place fills the gap, and ‘fixes’ the lick in place, so even an enthusiastic horse will struggle to knock the lick out of the holder.

To remove the balancer from its container, first flex the sides away from the lick. Turn upside down and knock sharply on the bottom of the container. Once removed from the packaging, turn the lick the right way up, before placing into the Horslyx Holder. See the below video to watch the process.