Winter Nutrition and Time saving tips

What impact can Winter have on your horse and how can you help?

Winter weather can affect how your horse moves as colder temperatures impact joints and muscles. This is because the cold increases the thickness of the synovial fluid, making joints feel stiff.    Horslyx Mobility Balancer can help your horse through the Winter as it contains Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Omega Oils, all known to support healthy joints.

Cold weather can also cause problems for your horse’s respiratory system. Dry, cold air can cause shortness of breath, coughing and tissue damage. Horslyx Respiratory Balancer contains Menthol, Eucalyptus and Aniseed to support the airways, while the other carefully selected ingredients help to maintain immunity.

If your horse typically stays inside for long periods during the Winter, leaving a Horslyx Balancer in his stable will provide him with the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements he needs to balance any deficiencies in forage and grazing. Every Horslyx Balancer contains a comprehensive antioxidant package to maintain a healthy immune system, while they also contain Biotin, Methionine and chelated Zinc to support healthy coat and hooves.

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Time Saving Tips from the Horslyx Sponsored Riders

Emily Galbraith

An excellent tip to help prevent mud fever in Winter is to use oil on dry legs before they go out in the field. The oil creates a water-resistant barrier and the mud falls off easily with a brush.

If your horse is spending more time in his stable over the winter, he’ll be moving around less, so help him to stay supple. Try using a Mini Horslyx to do neck stretches – encourage him to bring his nose down between his front legs and then to either side of his body. Hold each position for 5 seconds if possible.

Bex Mason

Good waterproofs make rainy Winters easier. With fewer hours of daylight available, plan your riding for when it’s light. Save the yard jobs, like mucking out and cleaning tack for when it’s dark. As the goodness in the pasture declines with the onset of Winter, keep his vitamins and minerals topped up. Horslyx balancers provide the essential nutrients to help boost his immunity.

Jessie Kirby

Avoid changing his entire routine all in one go. Try to make changes gradually, whether it’s reducing his turnout or increasing his feed.

It’ not all doom and gloom. Take the time to appreciate the fresh, crisp winter mornings and cherish the sight of your horse’s breath in the cold.

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