Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer helped to distract Rosie from windsucking!

Rachael Runnacles Poplar Park 2020

We bought Rosie, a 16.1hh 8 year old warmblood last August, she had been in same home since a foal so was quite anxious when she came to us. She also wind sucked too which we knew about but owners said it was only mild but moving her made it a lot worse.

I was chatting to Kelly Johnson one day and she suggested we tried her with a Horslyx lick to distract her and she gave us some samples to try and Rosie loved them!

Kelly suggested we got the stable holder so we did and she loved it. We started her with Pro Digest Balancer which she tucked into, she got through one every 10/14 days to start with but slowly slowed down and has had this last one over a month. She would lick her lick, then windsuck straight away afterwards and would windsuck all night along her bars in the stable, we made her a coral in front of her stable so she could come in and out to try and stop her but would try and do it on posts. Rosie didn’t like being in field either as she couldn’t  windsuck out there as its a electric fencing. Any way this went on over the winter.

Suddenly overnight she has changed we have put her in the field and she stays out all day comes in and hasn’t windsucked few weeks ! She licks her lick but doesn’t windsuck afterwards any more ! She is so much calmer I can’t actually believe having Horslyx in her stable for 7 months and she has stopped windsucking. She is such a happy horse now we are delighted! My daughter bought her to go up the levels in Eventing and in Spring they went out to do their first BE Under 18’s 100 competition together and lead the dressage from start to finish, but an unlucky pole SJ left them 2nd place in a very strong section.

Horslyx has saved Rosie from being a stressy, anxious mare, she still has her moments but with her not windsucking anymore it has also made her less girthy too!

I have happy horse and happy daughter, thank you Horslyx!

Below is a picture of where she used to windsuck (but no more!), a picture of her enjoying her lick and Rosie and Sophie flying round Poplar Park Under 18’s 100

Rachael Runnacles

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