Horslyx has made a real difference to our horses!

Vicky Smith Show Producer feeding Horslyx Balancer

Since feeding Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer I have noticed a real difference in our horses. One of our horses is often unsettled in the stable and on the advice of my local Mole Country Store I tried a range of the Horslyx Balancers in the stable and field. Our horses range from Traditional show cobs to thoroughbred show hacks to event horses.

All of the horses now use the Horslyx in both the field and stables without “over eating” them. They are now a regular addition to our stables and turnout paddocks. It’s a way in which we can ensure the horses are getting a variety of protection. The Pro Digest has particularly been valuable for a horse who is quite unsettled as he is currently on box rest and also suffers from ulcers which is a concern, the Horslyx has kept him both entertained and prevented him from getting vices. All our stables now have a Horslyx holder and Horslyx Balancer depending on their individual needs. The Garlic Balancer has particularly been useful for keeping flys at bay this summer!

Vicky Smith, Producer of Show and Event Horses

Vicky Smith feeding Horslyx Pro DIgest Balancer to a horse on box rest      Vicky Smith Show Producer feeding Horslyx Balancer