I can’t praise the products enough – they work brilliantly!

Lucky who enjoys the Mint Mini Horslyx and it helps with handling this young colt

I’d just like to say how fantastic the Mini Horslyx product has been. I have a young colt, Lucky, who was difficult to get near in the field and impossible to put a headcollar on. He refused feed but with the help of a Mini Horslyx I have been able to get close enough to manage to put a headcollar on.  He really likes the Mini Mini Horslyx and I’ve also used a 5kg Horslyx tub in the field to keep the other horse distracted, whilst I work with the youngster. I can’t praise the products enough. Much easier than feeding, it works brilliantly. Thank you!

Gillian Conroy

Lucky enjoying his Mint Mini Horslyx which helps with distraction while handling