Harriet Beecroft uses Mini Horslyx as a regular part of her treatment plans

Harriet Beecroft Mini Horslyx Ambassador

Harriet Beecroft is the very first Mini Horslyx Veterinary Physiotherapy Ambassador.

Harriet graduated from Harper Adams University in the summer of 2018 as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, and is now running her own business, H&H Veterinary Physiotherapy, covering the North East of England.

A fully qualified, registered and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist, Harriet prides herself in her knowledge and experience which she has gained through years of academia, training and experience.

She uses a combination of manual therapies, electrotherapies and prescribed exercise to achieve an appropriate and holistic treatment plan for each individual client and baited stretches using Mini Horslyx are a regular part of the treatment plans, and one that owners can easily implement in between Harriet’s visits.  While other pieces of bait can be used, Mini Horslyx helps to give an extended stretch as the bait cannot be snatched away.

The aim of baited stretch exercises is to encourage flexion, extension and lateral movement of the head and neck. This is intended to improve flexibility, core stability and balance of the horse.

There are several videos on the Horslyx YouTube channel of Harriet demonstrating how to use the Mini Horslyx™ for baited stretches.

Harriet Beecroft Mini Horslyx Ambassador Harriet Beecroft Mini Horslyx Ambassador Harriet Beecroft Mini Horslyx Ambassador