Patch loves it and we love that it benefits him!

Patch feeling well and loving his Mobility Balancer

Patch has previously had a hock injury which he has fully recovered from, however can often become stiff behind due to it. I’ve been using the 15kg Horslyx Mobility Balancer in Patch’s stable. He absolutely loves his Horslyx, and it keeps him entertained when in the stable as he does get bored very easily. I have noticed a considerable difference in Patch’s mobility behind, since having his Mobility Balancer, he’s definitely been feeling himself, throwing in some interesting moves!! He hasn’t been stiff in the hind for a couple of weeks now and he’s definitely much happier too! We have tried different joint supplements before, some of which he didn’t like, or they didn’t benefit his mobility. Patch loves his Horslyx Mobility and we love that it benefits him! 

Patch loves his Mobility Balancer blank blank