Indigo’s movement improved on Horslyx Mobility Balancer

Yasmin Hempstead from Suffolk has noticed a real difference in her 17hh, 9 year old gelding, Indigo since feeding him Horslyx Mobility Balancer. “Indigo’s movement has improved dramatically and he looks like he is feeling really well in his joints,” she tells us. “He gets very stiff so I am always trying out new joint supplements but since using Horslyx Mobility I can honestly say I have found what I was looking for!” “This is a lick he absolutely loves and I love knowing it’s something that he enjoys, the smell is gorgeous, the cost is fantastic, and the results… amazing! Before using the lick Indigo would have very stiff joints. He now canters round the field moving freely, will really extend in his movement and is never stiff after hard work. I would like to thank you for such a fantastic product..

Yasmin Hempstead