From Racehorse to Dressage Diva!

Horslyx Respiratory Balancer Testimonial Knockamany Bends

We have had Knockamany Bends in our yard since he was a yearling. He won four sprint races and was placed many times, but during his career he had three wind surgeries for ongoing breathing related problems. These caused him to cough in exercise and he would always have a ‘snotty’ water bucket.

Knocker retired at eight and stayed with me to be retrained for dressage.

We have successfully taken to dressage and are delighted to have moved up to Novice level. However, we have still had times when his coughing has been so bad, we cannot even trot. Many times out hacking we’ve had to pull up to a walk as he struggles so much.

I started feeding him Horslyx Respiratory Balancer earlier on this year and he loves it! Most noticeably is the difference in his coughing. Since starting on Horslyx Respiratory he has not had any such coughing fits and he hardly coughs at all now. The ‘snotty’ water bucket has also reduced drastically too. This has been in prime hayfever season, so I would highly recommend trying Horslyx Respiratory Balancer!

Fiona Wainwright