Mini Horslyx has saved me £110!

He is a 3 year old new forest Buckland Cosmos. He has an irrational response to putting his foot between the farriers legs, he has no pain and has had the same farrier from 6 months. Now he is starting to do in hand walks he has needed shoes and this did not go down well.

My lovely and supportive vet has attended to sedate him twice but I remembered that the Mini Horslyx are really useful for farrier visits and so I have continued to desensitize and bribe him with food.

Yesterday we had a bit of a breakthrough as he was totally consumed with the Mini Horslyx as John the farrier popped his foot between the apron and did what he had to do.

It wasn’t a fluke as the farrier went back and picked up the foot at the end and there was still no reaction.

Below are the photos of Cosmos behaving perfectly.

Many thanks for saving me £110.

Tara and Buckland Cosmos