Mini Horslyx helped as a positive reinforcement for my cob!

MIni Horslyx Original Mint Garlic Mobility Respiratory Pro Digest

I have successfully used Mini Horslyx to distract my cob enough to get over his phobia of having his legs clipped. He was riddled with mites when I got him and I was advised by the vet to get the hair off. I could only do this by sedation as he had been in so much discomfort for so long that any contact with his legs was a negative experience for him. However, with much trial and error (and I couldn’t afford the constant sedation cost) I happened upon Mini Horslyx. He loved it! Enough to let me gently start de-sensitising him to being clipped. The distraction method really worked for him but other licks would not do the trick. I was happy to always stick to Mini Horslyx as I know it is not full of rubbish and has plenty of vits and minerals that he benefits from. He still has his Mini Horslyx to have his legs clipped but its a positive reinforcement for him and a nice treat for my special boy.