I’ve got some very exciting news to announce…

I’ve been selected for Equestrian Team GBR World Class Programme Podium Potential Pathway.

The run up to it definitely has not been smooth! Tiger was going the best she ever had and had got 75% in the Para International Test (equivalent to GP in able bodied dressage) just before the National Championships. We had done all the prep to be ready to do the National Championship, with the World Class Programme interview two weeks later. I had done a lot of training at the gym and with my boxing coach. Tiger was fit and looked amazing…her Horslyx keeps her in beautiful condition.

Travelling on the morning of the Winter championships weekend, we were going around a roundabout when someone cut up our car and turned straight across us. I really don’t know how my dad managed to avoid him, it was so close but my dad had to slam on the brakes really hard. We hoped Tiger would be okay because she had managed to stay on her feet and she seemed to be sound when we got her off the trailer but as the weekend progressed she stiffened up across her back and looked more and more lame.  We phoned her vets, Wrexham Equine Care, as soon as we could.

The vets were brilliant and came that day and they worked intensively over the next couple of weeks, along with Angela Holland from the Equine Veterinary Wellness Clinic. Angela is amazing! She used to work as a vet but now uses chiropractic, acupuncture and grade IV laser treatment to help rehabilitate horses. It is incredible to watch and right from the start Tiger was more comfortable. She uses Mini Horslyx to help with stretches and also to distract horses, so Tiger was very pleased. Whilst Tiger was on box rest she enjoyed her new pink Pro Digest Horslyx.

Tiger was very much more comfortable by the time of the interview and both the vets and Angela felt she was ready to be ridden, thankfully. The interview was over two days and my coach Claire came with me. It was a very intense couple of days and then felt like a very long time until Equestrian Team GBR announced the results. I went to the induction day last week. I was finally allowed to announce that I had been selected and I was measured up for team kit!

During the induction day it really hit home that this is really the start of incredible hard work, with the goal of a Paralympics in front of me. I am so pleased to have the support of Horslyx for this journey because I know that Tiger will get the balance of all the important minerals, vitamins and trace elements to keep her in the best condition with the reassurance of the NOPS Beta mark as well.


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