Richard Nichol – Getting the baby horses ring ready!

I have broken lots of horses in over the years and I definitely believe that while working with young horses every day is a school day and every horse is different.

I have, like most people do, my own way of doing things and after I’ve introduced the tack and have the horse bomb proofed enough to be wearing it I begin the endless walks up and down country lanes, fields, arena etc. long reining them to the point they’re bored and quiet. Although I like to have them lunging I try not to do it endlessly as think it gets them too fit before they’ve done anything.

I like to get on every horse in the big stable first before mounting in an open space and I did find by letting the horses lick a Horslyx Mini Original helped relax and keep the horse quiet while I did get on and off to begin with and I’ll definitely be using them in the future. As soon as I’m confident I’m outside and hacking, to begin with in company of one other horse as a lead, it is then after hacking quietly away for a few weeks I then introduce riding in the arena to get them to canter etc.

It doesn’t normally take long until I have them away in the lorry for little outings as I believe that the more they do as young horses the better. As shown in the video and picture a 4 year old that was sent to me 8 weeks ago who is now popping a fence for the first time at our local equestrian centre and I’m thrilled with his progress!