What will 2021 bring for Katie Jerram’s team of horses?

Katie Jerram-Hunnable and Chris Hunnable feed Horslyx Balancers to their team of show horses

Horslyx were delighted to welcome Katie Jerram-Hunnable and her team to the Horslyx stable of Ambassadors in January 2020, however as we all know that year did not turn out quite as expected so we are looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings for Katie and her team.

Katie is one of the leading producers of show horses in the UK. Her expertise and experience are so vast that even the Queen sends her horses to Katie and her team to produce for the show ring.  Katie Jerram and the Queen's horse Barber Shop

Katie first qualified for the Horse of the Year show when she was just 10 years old and is a well-respected figure on the showing circuit. We asked Katie how they spent lockdown at Collins Farm, their HQ in the Essex countryside.

“Well, it was certainly a very strange period of time. We have such a super bunch of horses this year, but it was clear that patience was key to every element of 2020, including producing show horses! We have spent some of the lockdown working on weekly pole work exercises which have been transformative. From transition accuracy and learning flying changes to building up core strength or riding more from the saddle.  These exercises were designed to bring about improvement in the horse and rider. I’ve been sharing videos of the exercises on our Facebook page, and pleased to know that they have helped other riders and horses too.”

It was great to see the empty Horslyx tubs being used in these videos which can be found on Katie’s Facebook page Katie Jerram Equestrian.

“We had a short period where we were able to compete and had some fantastic results at Arena UK with the young horses in August. This gave them valuable experience and gave our wonderful staff some days out. The team have been amazing through lockdown, so this was a welcome change of scenery and something for us all to look forward to.”

“We competed five horses on the Saturday and five on Sunday, including a number of the Queen’s horses, three ex-racehorses and some very exciting horses for the novice classes, hunter classes and small hacks. I cannot miss out Ballin My Lady who is an Open horse, who was glad to be out! Her Majesty the Queen’s lovely young horse Donation competed in the small hunter class picking up first place.”

“2021 is already looking very exciting. We are so lucky to have an amazing stable of horses and a fabulous team to help me produce them for our owners. I was delighted to welcome a new team member this spring and she is coming on leaps and bounds. The lovely Ella has joined us to gain some more experience and learn the showing trade, which takes us to five staff. I have to say I am incredibly excited about 2021 and that helps to distract from the strangeness of 2020 rather well! I have never missed a HOYS since I first qualified at the age of 10 – what an odd and unexpected year 2020 was.”

Find out more about Katie and her team in this film.