Love is….

Alexa Spivey Horslyx Mini Ambassador

As we approach the 14th of February, love may be in the air and we all know a horse or pony (or person!) for whom the way to their heart is throughAlexa and Smurf in love Mini Horslyx their stomach, definitely worth bearing in mind as Valentine’s Day approaches – who doesn’t like their favourite treat on a celebratory day? 😋

But who is St Valentine and why do we have a day dedicated to him? The 14th of February has been celebrated since the High Middle Ages as a celebration of courtly love, but St Valentine of Rome was a widely recognized 3rd century Roman Saint.  He is the patron saint of love and marriage but also epilepsy and beekeepers!  According to legend, St Valentine sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter signed “from your Valentine” and the tradition that remains today of sending notes and cards signed ‘from your Valentine’ continues. 💘

How can you show love to your horse or pony?  Well, many of us would say that love is caring deeply and unconditionally for our horses and ponies, and this is what we do for our equines.  Whether it’s sunny or raining, whether we are tired or rested, whether we are happy or sad, our horses and ponies rely on us unconditionally for their care and wellbeing. Spending time with them is essential, and a good grooming session can often connect you more than an hour in the school. Doing stretching exercises is good for the body and the soul for both of you or simply spending an extra ten minutes giving them a reward at the end of the day such as Mini Horslyx can really help you to bond together. 🐴🥰

So, this Valentine’s Day why not treat your love with their favourite flavour of a Mini Horslyx and enjoy the cuddles from them too. 💖

Love is stretching exercises with Mini Horslyx

Mini Horslyx is the perfect choice for horse owners who want to reward, distract (or bribe!!) their horse or pony with a nutritious alternative to sugary treats. Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Mint, Garlic, Respiratory, Mobility and Pro Digest formulations and comes in 650g hand-held tubs.

MIni Horslyx Original Mint Garlic Mobility Respiratory Pro Digest