Introducing Alexa, Our Latest, Greatest (and Smallest) Horslyx Mini Ambassador!

Alexa Spivey Horslyx Mini Ambassador

Welcome to Alexa!

Alexa may be an everyday name in many houses nowadays courtesy of Amazon, but Horslyx believe that Alexa Spivey will soon be a household name in the equestrian world!

Horslyx would like to welcome their Mini (in every sense of the word!) Ambassador to the Horslyx stable, Alexa Spivey.

Alexa’s parents are a successful International showjumper and well-respected equine nutritionist.  And it was while Horslyx were meeting with her Daddy when she simply stole the show and they realised that more people needed to know about Alexa and Taffy! Alexa Spivey Horslyx Mini Ambassador

Alexa is eight years old (seven when the film was made – COVID-19 and lockdowns have a lot to answer for!) and has been surrounded by horses since birth. At the age of six she was incredibly lucky and got her first pony for her birthday. A little grey welsh guy called Taffy. Alexa has learnt to ride Taffy on the lead rein, and they had a bond together from the start. Now nearly three years on they are a hilarious team and share lots of ups and downs, but most of all they are best friends.

Alexa is a very kind and generous little girl with lots of love and care for other people and she loves to share her journey with Taffy with her friends, giving them the opportunity to experience the fun, love and respect that ponies and horses can bring to our lives.

In her spare time, she likes to talk and talk and play with her Schliech horses and barns.

Alexa loves feeding Taffy the Horslyx range, and Taffy is a lucky pony that he gets a selection to choose from!  We are looking forward to finding out more about Alexa and Taffy and what they will be getting up to in 2021.

    Alexa Spivey Horslyx Mini Ambassador Alexa Spivey, Horslyx Mini Ambassador and Dad Philip Spivey