Banish the Boredom!

As Winter Approaches…

As winter approaches all equestrians know that what that brings, dark nights, cold mornings, the inevitable mud and more time spent inside for our equines.  Regardless of which option of hay, haylage or short chop hay replacer is chosen the reduction of forage quality over summer grazing means that vitamins, minerals and trace elements are sorely lacking.  To counteract these deficiencies, providing one of the Horslyx balancers which has the added bonus of also being a boredom breaker is a great solution. All Horslyx need to be licked, which takes time and patience, perf

ect for horses that are stabled for long periods of time and can help reduce stress and boredom.  Not only that, but horses only produce saliva while they are biting, chewing or licking and saliva is an excellent natural buffer and lubricant within the gastrointestinal tract.  This leads to better digestion, less stress and a happier, healthier horse.

Horslyx Balancers have been carefully formulated to balance the deficiencies found in forage and grazing. This is a unique and innovative approach to ensuring that the modern horse receives an ideal supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support optimum health and vitality. Choose which Balancer according to the key ingredients allows you to target your horse’s individual needs and provide everyday balanced nutritional support for your horse.

Choose Original Balancer to support all round health and vitality – the blue tub!  Mint Balancer in turquoise will also support all round health and vitality but with a cool refreshing flavour.  Garlic Balancer is the choice of many in the spring and summer to help provide a natural and effective way to help combat biting insects. The yellow tub contains pure garlic oil and can be fed all year round if preferred.  Colder weather and standing in longer can not only lead to boredom but also stiffness, so if that’s the case try Mobility Balancer in orange which supports healthy joint function with a combination of glucosamine HCl, MSM and omega oils for optimum joint support. Respiratory Balancer has been designed to support a healthy respiratory system and can be a useful addition if respiratory issues are a concern along with management techniques to improve air quality.  The lime tub is packed full of menthol, eucalyptus, aniseed and vitamin C along with omega oils and antioxidants for optimum lung support.  The pink tub is jam packed with ingredients to support a healthy digestive system.  Pro Digest Balancer contains a combination of ingredients to support the digestive system from the stomach to the hindgut while licking enhanced saliva production which helps buffer stomach acidity. Sources of mucilage are included as well as a prebiotic to support beneficial gut bacteria and a live probiotic helps to provide a buffering action in the hindgut.