My first blog for Horslyx…very exciting! This is a short section to introduce myself to you all. My name is Harriet Beecroft and I’m very excited to be welcomed aboard the Horslyx team as their Veterinary Physiotherapy Ambassador.

I graduated from Harper Adams University in the summer of 2018 after 4 years of studying, a year of this included a 6 month equine and a 6 month canine placement. I am the proud Veterinary Physiotherapist running my own business, H&H Veterinary Physiotherapy, covering the North East of England.

A fully qualified, registered and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist, and I pride myself in my knowledge and experience which I have gained through years of academia, training and experience. I am over the moon with how successful the business is proving to be, which I owe to my lovely and committed client base.

I treat both horses and dogs, and really enjoy both areas of my work. I use a combination of manual therapies, electrotherapies and prescribed exercise to achieve an appropriate and holistic treatment plan for each individual animal client. The best part of the job by far is seeing improvements and progress of my animal clients from visit to visit, but it’s all about team work, progress is only seen when owners are as dedicated to the plan as I am. How often I see an animal client is dependent on the individual needs of their case, it’s a balance between what is appropriate, and what is achievable, all of which is taken in to consideration when creating a treatment plan.

Outside of work, I love walking and running with my two lurchers, and H&H mascots Sooty and Sweep. Being outside and active is what I love best, both in my work and personal life, so having two crazy lurchers who love the outside just as much as me is perfect. As well as fun with the dogs, I am also a showjumping fanatic, if I’m not out competing, I’m thinking about where I’m competing next, or watching videos of when we were last out! I love it! Tizzy is my four legged pride and joy, who is excelling in her BS career, currently jumping at Newcomer/Foxhunter level. I think being so fond (crazy) about dogs and horses is what makes me so passionate about my job, and it’s a passion that I’m sure is shown in my day to day work.

I’m very excited about the new partnership with Horslyx, I absolutely love the product (not as much as Tizzy!) and have used Horslyx for several years. I often use the mini’s in my treatments to achieve baited stretches, but the larger ones are great for horses which may be on prolonged box rest, to keep them enriched, and help prevent boredom or stressful behaviours developing. They are a great addition to any horses regime, and I’m very thankful to have the use of them in my field of work, I’ve often used them to entertain a young or nervous horse, encourage elongation of the vertebral column, or achieve more specific stretches.


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