Hi everyone and welcome to the 2019 season! Wow that has come around fast! So this season Horslyx have asked us join the team once again but this time as a team, that is Team Smith!

Our team is only small but mighty I’d like to think!

Myself and Vikki have some great ponies again for this year. Some familiar faces in laburnum Richard, JP Corbally, Del Boy and the Pied Piper. We also have some super novices to come out, especially Laburnum Richard’s full brother ‘Cool Jack’ and Vikki has the ride on Catherine Taylor’s lovely coloured pony ‘Westie’.

Laura, who is a vital asset to us here, will be bringing her boy Hardendale Ray back out for 2019 after missing all last season.

I had my 1st show of the season last weekend with Laburnum Richard aka Pedro where he won his RIHS qualifier and was champion! Such a dude! So from now in it’s full steam ahead with the shows. I’ll try my best to keep you all updated with the good and the bad!

Thank you once again to Horslyx for your support. Our boys appreciate it!


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