Z Molesworth“Our horses and ponies have 10 acres of grazing but are surrounded on both sides by very high hedges and a stream runs along the bottom of the field,” says editor of Equine, Canine and Country Life magazine, Zoe Molesworth. “This is a flies paradise. All the horses and ponies are also Chestnut which for some reason flies also love. After the drudge of the winter months, the cold and the mud, stabling and mucking out and feeds twice a day, I am sure all of us crave the warmer weather when rugs can come off and they can stay out overnight.

When we turn them out, we have in the past spent time putting on creams, spraying them and using fly rugs, reasonably effective but time-consuming.  When I was offered the chance to try the Garlic Horsylx I was delighted.   In an easy to handle tub, it is robust enough to just remove the lid and leave in the field.  Initially I monitored their intake to ensure they did not have too much too quickly and then after a day or so I was able to leave the tubs in the field for them to help themselves as and when. We’ve not seen a 100% reduction in the flies, I don’t think you ever will but the change has been immense overall.  They are no longer looking stressed, constantly rubbing or trying to ease the discomfort.  Their coats look absolutely fantastic, they are bright in their eyes and so much happier.  You can clearly smell the garlic working from the inside out, it is evident on the skin so you know its working well.  The sprays and creams are very useful for when we are competing to alleviate the irritation of flies but when they are turned out at home, this has got to be the best solution ever.”

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