Katherine_Cooksley2Katherine uses Mobility Horslyx with her horses, including Gemset and Roh Gold who competed at the Winter Dressage Championships in 2012. “I have been using Horslyx for a year now, and they are brilliant! When my thoroughbred was on box rest after his operation, they were a life saver, he is typically quite highly strung and when he has Horslyx, he calms right down. They are also extremely useful for my competition horse to top up vitamins and minerals and keep his joints supple! In August 2012 I won my first international competing as a Young Rider in a CPEDI 2** at Bishop Burton with Roh-Gold and when we went to the event I took a Mini Horslyx with me to reward him after he had done a test and he was very appreciative of this. I have never known Rohan so devoted to anything as he is to Mini Horslyx!”



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