Editor of Equestrian Trade News recently put Mini Horslyx to the test when attempting to catch her mare. “When I read that Mini Horslyx licks were billed as ideal for use as a reward or to catch horses, I had to try it for myself,” she says. “My lovely mare is one of those ‘uncatchables’ who loves to have a game of tag every so often – usually when the vet or farrier’s waiting or I have limited time to ride! She’ll usually come (eventually) for a carrot at which point I can grab hold of her headcollar. Having said that, I’m not keen on horses staying out overnight wearing one, so she usually goes ‘nude’. Then when it comes to catching, there’s the tricky business of sidling up with an unseen headcollar or leadrope and somehow slipping said item over her neck or nose. No chance! She’s grabbed the carrot and gone! Horslyx kindly sent me their newly launched Rainbow Mixed Box of Mini Horslyx to try instead. And, wow, it worked!”

“The beauty is that, when tempted with this particular tasty treat, the uncatchable mare can’t grab and go; she has to hang around to get the full sensation. And the fact that she can bring her booty into the stable or yard with her makes it a real reward. I’ve also found that by having a selection of flavours to hand – Mini Horslyx come in original, respiratory, garlic and mint – the novelty factor never wears off. My mare prefers mint, by the way, so we save that one for really important appointments.”


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