Laura Mannion’s Blog: Bridie hits the Horslyx

We caught up with Laura Mannion to get the latest news from our Irish Ambassador. There have been some highs and lows as the season draws to a close, a milestone birthday and some serious Horslyx therapy for Bridie:

“We got the disappointing news in July/August that Bridie would be out of competition for quite a while. So far the diagnosis has been accurate, it looks like she still has a long road to recovery (Insert sad face!!) Sometimes I think she feels left out of the action, thankfully Horslyx helps to keep her occupied. Her big favourite is definitely the respiratory lick!”

“Coco made the long trip to Millstreet International Horse Show CSI*** after our enjoyable week in Dublin. It was a very busy show with so many classes going on. We couldn’t seem to do anything right, Coco was a little too eager to get to the fences. Her plan seemed to be to finish the round in the fastest time possible but she forgot to leave all the fences up. The consolation for us was that we got to watch some fantastic showjumping in and out of the international arena.”

laura 20

“After a little break, Coco headed to Cavan in September. No luck there either I’m afraid so we decided to cut it short to come back for my 21st birthday party. So all my family and friends came around over the weekend. It was great to see them all having such a great time. It was such a super weekend! All going well, we get to celebrate another 21st in the new year, with the old man of the yard turning 21. He might look his age but certainly doesn’t act it!”

laura 23

“After that it on to working with Lucia and Calvin. Calvin is a 7 year old Irish sport horse that we have had for a while. He is only recently begun to act his age and is finally starting to make some serious progress. Now that he has been to a few schooling shows, he’s really starting to get a hang of it but sometimes can be very spooky!”

laura 24

“Lucia is a 5 year old Belgian warmblood who seems to have a far more carefree outlook on life. She is quite the character and lets you know her Horslyx is all gone by throwing the empty container out over her door! She is full of life and really loves her job. I’m really looking forward to getting her to some bigger shows next season.”

“With the competition season winding down, we will be concentrating on training shows and maybe a visit to the Christmas show in Cavan next month.”