Kirsty Norwood’s blog: A whirlwind of ups and downs

For Horslyx Ambassador Kirsty Norwood, this past month has certainly been a whirlwind packed full of ups and downs but in true equestrian spirit she is bouncing back with new projects and exciting news…

“First up, at the end of May was Dalston Green BE90 with Java. Java did a sweet dressage test, again as usual lacking impulsion, Java seems to hate dressage! Onto the show jumping and that was a different story! Java was pinging in the warm up, and jumped a super clear over a course causing a few problems. Next up was the XC. I was quite nervous of the ditch palisade at 3, the ditch at 6b and the large trakehner at 12. I set of positively however and Java cruised round to finish on a double clear inside the time on a dressage of 32, leaving us in 10th place! I was absolutely delighted with that result!”

“This month I also said goodbye to my ex-racehorse Bobby as he headed off to his new home. I couldn’t have found a more perfect home and I am excited to see how him and his new onwer progress together. So far so good so fingers crossed!”

“Next up for Java was Hutton-in-the-Forest BE90. Java warmed up ok for the dressage to score an average 35. I was disappointed, but we didn’t have out best test! Onto the show jumping….. dare I say more! Java warmed up a little lacking in spark, but with the weather being quite muggy, I put it down to that. When it was our turn I headed off into the ring. We jumped fence 1 and 2 fine, but unfortunately at fence 3 we had a horse fall. Java has always been known as the horse with 5 legs, able to get himself out of trouble at any time, and he can jump off any stride. Today he couldn’t and he landed heavily on the fence leaving him lame and with a cut hind. I immediately had the vet look at him, who said he was very sore in his hamstring. Some further investigations are ongoing, but it could be the start of arthritis and if he isn’t happy it is not worth the risk. He has been retired from eventing for the time being unitl we make some more investigations. He is 17 and only started competing aged 13 and I am super proud how far we have come, from the horse who got eliminated at the first fence of a 65cm hunter trial to 3 placings in our last 5 events. I wasn’t prepared for it to end so soon and I am devastated, but his welfare comes first and he owes me nothing. In the meantime he will enjoy hacking and dressage with Mum!”

“This brings me onto my next adventure. I would like to introduce my new mini (15hh) eventer Charlie! He is a 9 year old Welsh Section D who I have bought to event. His advert caught my eye so I went to try him and instantly fell in love. He hasn’t evented before, but has been proving very scopey XC schooling. He is a very sweet little chap. It felt very weird going from an ex-racer and Java to a native, but he is super. As I write this I am waiting to go for a saddle fitting to get him a jump saddle, and on Friday we have a dressage lesson, and hope to have him eventing as soon as we can! Its proving confusing at home, as I already have a Welsh Pony called Charlie (he is my first pony and he is now 26!), so it is difficult to work out who we are referring to – maybe we will have to start saying big and little Charlie.

kirtsy 6

“So this has been a busy month, I am still devastated about Java, but I hope he can still do the odd event, he is my horse of a lifetime and with me for life. Let us hope Charlie proves just as talented, he certainly has the ability and I’m excited to see how far we can progress.”