Cara Shardlow – Regional Results

We caught up with the ever busy Cara who has been working hard towards her regional finals

“This is my first blog in 2016 and me and the boys have been quite busy already. We had a pre regionals run at the beginning of January with Sandonista and Detonator, both going very well especially Detonator who won both his classes on over 70% and coped very well in what he thinks is the most scary arena in the world Bishop Burton, we managed to get a write up in the Horse and Hound reports which is always nice.”

“So after some test riding again at Bishop Burton to try and get both of them used to the arena next stop was the winter regionals.”

“Both boys had three tests each. Sandonista was first on the Saturday in the Novice Open and Novice Open Freestyle, we had a 4.15am start as I wanted to do the arena walk on him. We did the Freestyle first, where we have the Great British Bake Off music which is really fun to ride to, he behaved so well and produced a mistake free test to gain a PB for him in this test on 73.06%. This left us in 4th place in a big class so I was thrilled with him. I’m really hoping to get a wild card for the nationals but we will have to wait until the middle of March to find out.”

“Then we were about last to go in the Novice Open by which time he was a little tired after a long day but still produced a nice test with an unfortunate spook which left us in 10th. He was then back on the Sunday for the Elementary Freestyle Open, he is still very weak at this level so it was a big ask, again he behaved very well with just a few baby moments to finish 9th.”

“I took Detonator over on Monday night as he had 3 classes on the Tuesday, I would never normally do 3 tests on one day but unfortunately we had no choice. He was so good in all the classes, it was so nice to be able to go in that arena and for him to be calm and not trying to bolt back out of the doors!!!”

“We were in the Open sections for the first time at Advanced Medium at the regionals so there was hot competition. We finished on a 68% just behind my trainer Becky Moody and 3rd place. Next the Advanced Medium Freestyle. I love riding to this music, it’s very dramatic and really suits him. Again he was a star and didn’t really put a foot wrong to finish in 3rd place on over 71%, I was hoping for a wild card for this class but it’s looking unlikely at the moment.”

“The last class was PSG Freestyle, this was the first time we have competed at this level at the regionals so I was not expecting too much, again he behaved impeccably producing a calm fluent test, we just need to work on the canter pirouettes. I was so pleased to hold our own and finish 4th on 68%.”

“So all 6 tests gained top 10 placings, I really could not have asked more of my boys.”

So it’s all systems go to get all our qualifications for summer regionals. We had a trip to Northallerton where Detonator completed his Advance Medium summer qualifications, we now need to get our Freestyle ones and hopefully PSG.”

“Sandonista is getting so much stronger and produced two lovely Novice tests and in very strong competition won the qualifier on 75%, he now just needs a few more points and then I can concentrate on Elementary with him. I’m just doing my entries for Myerscough premier league at the end of March for Detonator, this will be our 2nd PL and I’m really looking forwards to it, it will be a great warm up for the Pet Plan finals two weeks later.”

“On a sadder note I have decided to sell Measure for Measure, he is my home bred coloured who was orphaned at two days old, he was bred to event and although he has done very well at dressage he loves his jumping and with all my plans for Detonator this year I have had to be honest with myself that I’m not going to have the time and money to event him. He passed his vetting yesterday and is going to a lovely new home where he will event and is going to be on the same yard as his sister Regal Lilly whom I sold a year ago, so I’m very sad but know it is the best thing for him.”

“I have however bought a new one, this was not really planned but I do these silly things!!! He is called Mario and is related to Detonator and a young homebred I lost last year. So he has some big shoes to fill living up to his uncle, he has been here two weeks and we are just getting to know each other. He was broken last summer but has done nothing over the winter so there is a lot of work to do but I’m pleased with how he is going so far.”

“I had a brilliant trip up to the Horslyx factory meeting the team and other ambassadors, it was very interesting and I loved seeing how my horses favourite licks were made. All my horses are really appreciating having the licks at the moment as they are only getting one hours turnout, so not only are they getting all their minerals and fits but being kept occupied as well. The youngsters out in the field are looking good on their licks it’s such piece of mind knowing they are getting everything they need with their original Horslyx and adlib haylage, it’s so much safer than having them all fighting over feeds which is what used to happen.”

“So far so good for 2016, hopefully it will continue!!!”

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