Introducing our 2016 Ambassador Lizzy Bird

We are thrilled to bring you Lizzy Bird’s first blog,

“I am super excited to be part of Team Horslyx as one of their ambassadors for 2016!”

“I am a young eventer who is based in Essex. I have competed up to BE Novice as well as Pony Club open area teams and BRC championships for Billericay RC. Last year I qualified one of my team for the CIC1* Weston u18 championships but she pulled a shoe and tweaked her ligament, so we decided to allow her as much time as she needed so she can return in top form for 2016!”

“I am aiming to complete my first International Intermediate with an end goal of riding in the YR trials in the next few years. It’s a huge challenge but I’m willing to put in the work because after all, if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough!”

“Currently there are three horses on our yard. Kildrenagh Rocket (Todd), Spring Promise II (Halle) & Freddie Steady Go II (Fred). They all have a fantastic attitude to their work but also like to be cheeky and cause havoc in the yard when I am not looking. For example, last month’s victim was the hanging flower pot… as a consequence there are now no more flowers anywhere on or near the yard!”

“All of my team have been fed Horslyx since I can remember so I am really looking forward to working with Horslyx this year! I hope everyone’s pre-season training is going well and you are all looking forward to the first event of the season! I know my team are itching to get out!”