Bonnie is back!

We catch up with Bonnie Fishburn who is back as an Ambassador for 2016!

“I was so made up when I got the email from the Horslyx team telling me I had been chosen to represent Horslyx as one of their Ambassadors for the third season running.”

“All of my horses spend hours each week licking their delicious blocks, they are fantastic boredom breakers, so to know we have their support for the 2016 in fantastic.”

“This season I have my lovely homebred horses Florence and Percy to play with. Once again I will be aiming them at British Eventing competitions, as well as British Riding Clubs competitions. Florence has also recently been registered with British Dressage and very quickly qualified for the Regionals at Open Novice level, so we will be heading there towards the end of February. I’m quite keen to maybe have a go at elementary with her to this season.”

“Towards the end of last season Percy had a few really good runs at BE Novice level, so I’m hoping to get out quite early on and crack on with Novice, with the aim of maybe doing an International 1* by the summer time. My old Intermediate eventer, Frankie, unfortunately suffered leg trouble again last year, so he spent almost 6 months turned away over summer/ autumn. He is now back getting fit by walking on the road. I don’t think he will event again but he is a long way off wanting to retire, so I’m going to get him fit and see how he gets on and try and find a new job of some sort for him. It might just be a bit of dressage and jumping. As long as he’s enjoying himself I will be happy.”

bonnie 40

“At the end of 2015 I also purchased two new projects. An unbroken 3 year old, who I’ve now broken in and a yearling filly. They are Elfie and Arrow. Elfie will start his ridden career by going out to lots of little local competitions and see how he progresses from there. If he matures quickly enough and shows promise I may get him out to a couple of BE 4 year old classes during the summer. I would like to get Arrow out in hand, just for the experience of travelling away from home and going out in the big wide world. I did that with both Percy and Florence as babies and I just found it helped when they went out in public under saddle for the first time, the party atmosphere didn’t upset them and they took everything in their stride. I’m hoping Arrow will take to it all the same way that they did. So I have lots to look forward to in 2016 and I’m pleased to be able to share my experiences with all of the Horslyx friends and followers.”