Cara Shardlow – Detonator has other ideas!

It was lovely to get back out competing again in October, Detonator went to do his fourth Inter 2 at Manor Grange area festival semi finals which we had qualified for back in August.

All we had to do was win and get over 63%, we had achieved this score two out of the three times we had done the test and he was been much more consistent in training so I actually thought it was an achievable goal, it was really handed to us on a plate as I was the only one in the class as well……well Detonator had other ideas!!!

He warmed up brilliantly, piaffe and passage felt so much better than in August, I was called over to the arena but there was only one judge and there were supposed to be two, I waited nearly 10 mins by which time he had totally switched off. It then turns out I was only having the one judge even though the rules state two.

It was too late he just dropped me through out the test, nearly stopping in the piaffe and trotting in his one time changes, I could have just crawled under a rock it was so bad!!!

Understandably I did not get the 63%, I can laugh about it now and I did still get a lovely sash!!

Even though that did not go to plan I’m so pleased I tried to qualify as it has pushed me to do the harder movements and he is going so much better generally.

We then headed to Vale View high profile show for two days.

The first day was really good although we both made silly mistakes both in the PSG and Inter 1 we finished 4th and 5th still with good scores.

I only did the Inter 1 on the second day and he was brilliant, probably the best test we have done all year and scored over 67% and 6th place in very good company.

That’s the last big show he will do in 2017 and it was lovely to finish on a good note.

He will now do some local Inter 2 tests.

Sando has been training really well becoming much stronger and more consistent in his changes, I feel he is now ready for his first advanced medium. He will go out in November to gain his last music qualification for regionals as well.

Marios operation went very well he has been on box rest and just walked out in hand, his Horslyx are keeping him sane and entertained, he particularly likes the new larger mint licks that were very kindly sent to us!!