Bonnie Fishburn – A true first!

Well that was a boring month. I didn’t sit on one horse. That is an absolute first for me. I can’t remember the last time I had a month off riding but I think it’s over 20 years. My whole month was spent decorating and doing home improvements.

But now for the horses to come in off their holidays and start getting fit for the 2018 event season. I have also got to wean Nancy off Florence, this is where Mr Pegs, the miniature Shetland, is going to come in.

Nancy has had about 10 weeks to get to know him and they have become good friends, so I’m hoping when I take Florence out of the equation and put her back with her boys, it shouldn’t be too much of a stressful situation for anyone.

Hopefully next month if all goes to plan I will have lots more exciting tales to write about, with Florence coming back into work after 13 months off while she had a baby, Arrow coming back into work to prepare to start having little outings for her 4 year old year where she gets to start competing and my baby, Harriet, may get to have a little ride on Mr Pegs in his basket saddle. Roll on December.