Bella Woodhouse – Putting the minis to the test!

Our Ambassador Bella has been busy putting her minis to good use as she explains in her blog.

“After having a horse unshod for over 6 years we did expect it to be a little difficult when the farrier came to put fronts on her – especially as she is a chestnut mare!!”

“After giving her 5 minutes to see if she’d settle on her own we thought it’d be a perfect time to see if the Mini Horslyx really would work as a distraction for her. We decided to just try it out with the Original Mini as we already knew she liked this one.”

“It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me to see that it did work and she stood still happily licking away for the rest of the time it took for her to have her new shoes on.”

“I think it’s fair to say that Horslyx really does do what it says on the tub – even with chestnut mares!! – and not only does it work as a great distraction but it has the extra vitamins and minerals that your horse needs in their diets!”


“Big thanks to Holly and her lovely horse Freya for testing out the Horslyx, and of course thank you to our wonderful farrier Owen!”

“There are so many other ways for you to use your Mini Horslyx too, I like to use them as a reward for my horse, or when the vet comes – who he really doesn’t like – but you give him his Horslyx and he will happily stand for him! They also come in very handy when trying to catch a stubborn horse who would rather stand out in the mud all day than come into a nice warm stable!!”