Ashley Harrison’s Blog: Gearing up for 2016!

We caught up with Ashley Harrison to hear how she has kept herself – and her team – amused over the Christmas break, and get the latest on new member Duffy!

“A quick blog to end the year and my time as a Horslyx Ambassador! I have had such a great year with some great results and great support from the Horslyx team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Ambassador and have loved promoting and advertising for such a great company.”

“We have all had a bit of downtime recently with not much competing going on which has been nice to have a rest, however, I don’t think Zeb would agree! He is itching to get back out again as he hasn’t competed since our CIC* at the end of September! I have to keep telling him its only 2 weeks now till we are back out again and getting ready for the 2016 event season which is not far away at all now.”

“Whilst Zeb has been having a well-deserved rest, Karlo and Ria have been enjoying some hunting, including the Boxing Day meet where I managed to drag my sister along to ride Ria who hasn’t hunted for 8 years and rides occasionally!”

ashley 14

“Karlo has now finished his hunting for the season so we can start to work on the flatwork and get him ready for his first event season. All 3 horses will be out at my Pony Club eventers challenge on the 16th January which will be good preparation for all 3 of them for the year ahead.”

“Duffy – my newest member to the team – is coming along nicely and we have been working very hard on his flatwork which is really starting to improve, and us coming 2nd at his first ever dressage competition!”

“I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and I look forward to seeing some of you out this year!”

ashley 15