The Perfect Balance!

There is nothing better than the easy days of summer when after riding our horses and ponies they can be turned out with their friends and enjoying Dr Green after a long winter.  But did you know that a diet consisting solely of grass isn’t always enough to keep your horse or pony health?  It’s essential to make sure his diet is balanced too.

Grass is well known as Dr Green and was traditionally the cure-all to many winter ailments for horses, and certainly if you have an equine that has struggled over winter then turnout to grass is a great way to have them looking better quickly. However, for some people spring is a time filled with worry and they no doubt feel that fresh grass should come with a warning for some horse and ponies!

Many people are keen to turn out and reduce feeding after a long winter, and if turnout is done gradually, and the hours are increased slowly then you should have no problems with colic due to changing the feeding routine. However, looking at the nutrition of grass it provides ample calories for ponies, even those whose workload is increasing due to lighter evenings, but it doesn’t provide a balanced diet.  Offering a balancer such as Horslyx Original Balancer which has been specially designed to complement the deficiencies in forage and grazing will provide all the vitamins and minerals your horse or pony will need but without adding to the calories which are being provided through the grass.  The trickle feeding pattern that Horslyx encourages, can help a horse or pony stay healthy and happy while out at grass and will mean that they are receiving a balanced diet 24/7 leaving you free to enjoy riding.

If laminitis is a concern, it is really important that your equine’s body score condition and the grass growth is assessed regularly, and strategies put in place to avoid a case of laminitis. One of the most important things to do is to not let the weight creep on, the use of strategies such as electric fencing, muzzles and even track systems can work well to help reduce the likelihood of a case of laminitis occurring.  Remember that when you restrict calories you are also restricting the vitamins and minerals so a balancer will be beneficial.  When fed at recommended levels the daily amount of any Horslyx Balancer for a 500kg horse will provide only 82.5g of sugar to the diet, while 1kg of hay would supply 100g to the diet.  If you have an equine prone to laminitis, then it is recommended to only ever feed Horslyx Balancers on a restricted basis as a hungry horse is a greedy horse.  Providing a Horslyx for up to 10 minutes a day will provide vitamins and minerals but without the excess calories.

Finally, you might not know that a 15kg Horslyx Original will last a 500kg horse about two months.  So that’s two months of a balanced diet, two months of hoof support, two months of antioxidant support and two months of easy and cost-effective feeding from 47p per day*!

Horslyx Original Balancer

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