Nicki Strong’s Blog: Treat your horse this Christmas – become an Abassador!

We catch up with Horslyx Ambassador, Nicki Strong, on why being part of the scheme has been such a brilliant experience!

“Give your horse the ultimate Christmas present – become an ambassador for Horslyx!”

“Last year, I was delighted to be selected as one of the first eight Horslyx Ambassadors. I applied because I’ve been a fan of Horslyx for a long time and knew that I could genuinely sing the praises of the products. It really wouldn’t be hard for me to show the benefits and versatility of Horslyx because we use them in the field, in the stable, for vet visits, farrier visits, clipping, in the summer, the winter, in place of supplements, Mini Horslyx for stretches – you name it!”

nikki 28

“As one of the lucky eight, I was introduced via the Horslyx website and across their social media profiles, and then featured again with every blog post I submitted. They even gained coverage in trade press such as Horse & Hound. Not only is it extremely cool being name checked in equestrian press giants H&H under ‘movers and shakers,’ but it is also a great way of helping to raise your profile as an ambitious and committed rider.

Being sponsored by a company like Horslyx really helps to add to your credibility as a rider, and I was very proud to add the ambassador icon to my website. They also sent me a selection of branded clothing, which I absolutely love – stuff you would choose to wear, and a posh saddle cloth and rug for Blue too. I’ve really enjoyed going competing kitted out in super smart branded gear and helping to represent the brand, and even meeting some of the team at big shows like Badminton.”

nikki 18-min

“Finally, and most definitely not least, the supply of Horslyx has been outstanding! My horses can’t get enough of the stuff, and they have been generously provided for – so much so that we even gave a couple of Mobility Horslyx to my friend whose mare was on box rest after surgery on her suspensories. I’m so grateful for the support over the last year, and my horses should consider themselves very lucky too!”

“If you and your horses already love Horslyx, and you think you could do a great job of helping spread the word about the products, I would highly recommend applying to become an ambassador. This could just be the best Christmas present your four-legged friend ever gets! Good luck and don’t forget to submit your entry before December 31st!”