Kim Chapman’s blog: Rain, rain and more rain!

We catch up with Horslyx Ambassador Kim Chapman to find out how the month of May went for her…

“Is it just me that’s fed up with this wet weather? Everywhere is so wet and water logged! Last week’s show had to be cancelled because the ground was so boggy! I really do feel for the people out there trying to get out and about and compete for a living because so many shows are being effected by the weather. Yes its disappointing for me don’t get me wrong, but this is my hobby – not my living!”

“Apart from the weather, the last month has been pretty good! The trailer issue (touch wood) appears to be a distant memory – so long as we travel Liz on the right hand side, we seem to be ok! We stuck to just taking her on short 15/20 minute journeys for about a month, but as she appeared to have settled, we ventured out for a lesson with my old instructor Ann White at her new yard (about 30mins away). We haven’t had a proper lesson in years and it was also the first time Liz has been anywhere for a lesson, we’ve normally just had them at home. So I wasn’t expecting much, in my head, so long as she behaved and we stayed together and travelled well – it would have been worth while (as you will have realised, we have issue going new places!) But – we had an amazing lesson! I’d forgotten how well Ann knows Liz and her little ways, and at how good she is at getting the best out of us! The following week, we were booked in for the last of the winter championship dressage tests, so having had a fab lesson the week before – I was hoping for a good test! However, I feel ill on the Monday and so had to withdraw. I was gutted, but physically couldn’t do it.”

“The following week, although not fully better, was the first showing show, so off we went! Luckily, it was on one of the nice weekends! It was a long day – it was the first show of the season so was very busy! But well worth it! We got a 2nd in Best Part Bred and a 3rd in Best Conditioned. Megan (my surrogate ride!) had to chaperone Liz in the trailer, so I took her in Best Cob – and Won! So it really was a good day!”

“The horses should be on summer turnout 24/7 now, but with the wet, miserable weather Liz is still coming in at night! I just can’t bare the thought of leaving her out all night in the rain! But she’s more than happy to come in – the first thing she does is go straight to her Horslyx! With the weather this week, I’m guessing Sunday’s show will be cancelled too – although the weather is saying it will bright up – I’m not sure the ground will dry out in time!”

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