Cara Shardlow – Petplan Champions

Cara Shardlow has been busy out competing with some fantastic results!

“It has been a busy few weeks on the yard and competing but well worth it!!”

“After the regionals the boys had an easy week but then it was straight back to it trying to gain summer regional qualifications. We had a trip to Northallerton EC Detonator was full of himself but we still managed our adv medium qualification. Sandonista was on top form up against some hot company he won the novice qualifier on 75% and got his first write up in horse and hound magazine.”

“Also that week my long wait to find out if he had a wild card for the nationals was rewarded, we got one!!! So that meant both boys were going to the nationals. I got a last minute entry to Bishop Burton to practice the freestyle in readiness for the nationals, it was a good job as it needed some tweaking to get it perfect which is done by the brilliant Equivisions. He won his class there as well so now only needs two points for summer regionals.”

“Detonator went to his second Premier League at Myesrscough two weeks before the nationals it was a spooky arena and with no arena walk I was rather worried he would have a melt down, having watched some others have big spooks I decided I had to really ride him positively and not go for a safe round which I normally would do. It really paid off he was a super star, baring the odd little balance issue he produced 4 lovely tests for me. The highlight was the Wednesday evenings Inter 1 where we gained nearly 67% and 3rd place behind two top combinations one being my trainer Becky Moody and Carinsio who are one of the top combinations in the country.”

“So after some training sessions with Becky Moody we headed down to Hartpury in Gloucestershire last week for the Nationals with Sandonista and the Petplan finals with Detonator. We arrived on the Tuesday and I did the arena walk with Detonator who was again very chilled, then I worked Sandonista who normally takes everything in his stride but was incredibly wound up for him, it is a big atmosphere there and his first over night stay so understandable.”

“So Detonator contested the Inter 1 on the Wednesday we were first in which I now think is lucky for me as we won our regional title from being the first down the centre line. He was brilliant the canter pirouettes are becoming much more established and off two judges we gained our first 7’s for them. The score came in and it was over 67% a PB at this level for us as it is only our ninth test at that level. I couldn’t believe it when we were still in the lead with the last one to go, I couldn’t even watch the test I had to walk away as it looked very good, a few years before I had been in this position and was beaten by the last horse, so when the final score came in I was elated to find out I had actually won! This has to be our biggest win so far it’s still not really sunk in, he had a great time in the prize giving taking off with me.”

cara 42

  “He then had the PSG the following day and warmed up beautifully, the test was going well with the trot work feeling better than the previous day but uncharacteristically coming out of the canter pirouette he popped a flying change in, this gave us two 3’s from two judges and a 4 from the other, that movement scores double so was incredibly costly dropping us to 12th position. I really can’t complain though as he is becoming much more settled at these big shows, I’m so excited for the future with him!”

“Sandonista had calmed down a bit, his test was in the big indoor which is notorious for its big atmosphere which Detonator has never coped well with. Fortunately he was like a pro and did a lovely accurate test to leave us just short of 69% and 17th in the country!! He is still so weak compared to the others in the class, I’m sure he has a bright future ahead of him.”

“So they get a short break now but Detonator is off to Keyso Premier League in two weeks.”

“We have had the first in our Horslyx sponsored unaff dressage competitions here at Beckside, the standard was very good and the winners loved their Horslyx prizes, there are four competitions left before the champions are decided.”

“We are still so wet here the land is not drying up at all so they are still stables for a lot of the day. Thank goodness for their Horslyx keeping them entertained and giving them all the nutrients they need until the grass comes through an they can get out a bit more. The mobility licks are keeping them all moving freely and in tip top condition.”

“I’m hoping to get my new boy Mario out to a local dressage competition soon, he is going well just needs his confidence building.”

“So another busy few weeks coming up and hopefully some dry weather!!!”

cara 43