Ambassador Richard has updated us on what he has been up to throughout March with his horses.

“March has been full of training and lots of going racing!”

“I had a great trip with my 6 year old event horse mastermind XI to the Somerford Park cross country schooling  ground, where he took everything in his stride from doubles of corners and skinnys to open ditches coffins and water with no hesitation.”

“I also found a fantastic new use for horslyx minis ! After training I left him in the wagon whilst I got a sandwich and because he’s normally uneasy being left by himself I introduced the Mint Mini and popped it in his haynet where it kept him occupied for a good twenty minutes and stopped him kicking the lorry!”

“Because of work getting in the way and finding myself under pressure to get to shows I decided last weekend to get to two BSJA shows in the same day where my ROR horse Storm Surge picked up a couple of wins one at Muir Mill and the other closely situated Morris Equestrian where at the same shows Caddilac won the 1.10 speed class, shown bellow modeling his new ambassador rug and myself in the am ambassador jacket!”

Richard Nichol 2


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