Richard Nichol – high winnings!

On the competition front for September my super star horse Cadillac just proves his finesse by finishing up joint winners of Westmorland show Grand Prix and winning not only prize money but an Audi car for the weekend!

The ground had become very muddy and lots of horses struggled but Cadillac loves that kind of going and jumped fab.

Storm Surge went and won locally at the Horslyx sponsored Ellen Valley riding club show in the racehorse class which brought him forward for the championship where he was named ridden champion after galloping really well and standing so mannerly so I was over the moon to finish on a high with him this year and now he’s on a well deserved Holliday until after Christmas.

All of the other horses are thriving and Ive been looking forward to the clippers coming out to give them all a short back and sides as it’s that time of year again and just to prove Horslyx can do several jobs whilst clipping a rather terrified 4 year old race horse I had some one hold him whilst they licked the mint mini lick and it distracted them long enough while I clipped there tummy and stopped me from another A n E visit!