Richard Nichol – Climbing mountains

You can climb any mountain fuelled by Horslyx!

When you think things are going badly at home with your horses and you can’t sleep at night worrying about them Remember there’s always someone worse off than yourself!

I’m am and have been, touch wood very lucky with horses but just recently they’ve all had a few issues but it looks at the moment we’re back where we started the year in January with all of them back 100% fighting fit .

On the competition front things have been ticking over and a few wins by various horses which have all been very consistent! So onwards and upwards in to April and spring is in the air and back in my step with entry’s being sent off for the summer shows! eeek it’s exciting when the schedules start pouring in for the agricultural shows.

Picture below is a view over Lake Ullswater in Cumbria from a race horse on his first piece of hard work since being on box rest where to knock stable boredom on the head he licked away many an Original Horslyx!