Pandora Briselden’s Blog: Owen and Charlie get a new stable mate!

Our busy Ambassador Pandora has had a crazy few weeks, and has been toting her Horslyx kit all over the country! We caught up with her to get the run-down on the latest results with Owen and Charlie – and hear about a new arrival!

“So I have been super busy and the ponies and I have been hard at work. First of all I had Owen at West Wilts BE100 where a solid test, one down and clear XC put us 5th in a big class and gave us another regional final qualifier. Then I was at the Dean Close NSEA showjumping where both the ponies jumped really well for me and I just had a few unlucky 4 faults but the 1.10 was rather huge so I am very pleased overall”

“Then it was off Farley Hall 100 plus with Charlie where it was rather mixed with a great dressage score, not such a great Showjumping due to him feeling a bit off colour but then a flying clear XC with one too fast time fault. Next outing for team Briselden was Owen at Dauntsey Park in the very meaty 100 class. A fantastic double clear inside the time in which he made a big 100 feel easy! This made up for a harshy marked dressage and we placed in 10th so continuing Owen’s run of top 10 placings this season!”

pandora 6

“I then went off to area dressage up in Malvern. Here I was competing in the tough open class against much older and more experienced combinations but Owen held his own in a tough test for 64 percent and 7th, helping our team to 2nd and taking a qualifying spot which I was delighted with. Then we had a slight change in plan and headed off to Ireland for a weekend and then a few days later we had a new pony arriving. Bobby is a 14.1, black, Irish sports pony and I am very lucky to have him.”

“A day after Bob arrived I was off to more areas.. This time eventing where I had another amazing day. Owen did a super test for 28 and second best dressage and them an easy double clear with just 2.8 time to finish 3rd in a hot section and also help my team to come 2nd so this was another qualification for championships! I am thrilled with how Owen is going at the moment, one very class pony.”

“Bobby has also had his first outing where he performed two solid tests for 65 and 69 percent and even scored a 9 in one and another two good jumping rounds must with one 4 faults at a little upright. The future is looking good with him.”

“My Horslyx pile is decreasing steadily especially with a new pony who is in love with every flavour!!”

pandora 7