Lizzy Bird – Little Downham

Heavy hearted describes the journey up to Cambridge for our last event of the season.

Last event…already! Can you beleive it! With only one horse on board I was absolutely determined to crack it and get a more than pleasing result to finish up the season. I sensibly decided to withdraw T after his retire at south of england as I felt I did not have enough time to investigate, trial out new ideas, get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution, whether it be temporary or permanent, to justify allowing him to run again. So that was a sorry end to his season but I am confident he will come out next year fit and fighting after a winter of BS and dressage. I am glad I have saved him and his legs to mature over winter and hopefully come out next season like a different horse! Fingers always crossed!

This gave me the perfect oppourtunity to focus solely on Halle for the day, which paid off – 34 dressage, and a DOUBLE CLEAR inside the time… what a way to finish the season with a 3rd placing in the ON at LD. Made even more impressive by the sheer fact it was an open novice, and all of the combinations looked experienced by the looks of their foot perfect tests! Nothing like making me super nervous!

My nerves were soon insignificant as Hal went on to produce a foot perfect test too, with all of our work coming together – although a slight blip in canter where we were disunited for a few strides which was entirely my fault. After the dressage she was only lying in 7th!!! I was thrilled with that and could’ve gone home there and then knowing we had achieved something positive.

We also had the ROYAL VETERINARY COLLEGE TEAM CAPTAIN Taz Long watching and supporting us in the jumping phases too… nothing like pressure for the trials which were 4 days later! (My next blog will let you know how that went! ;] ). Hal yet again shone, topepd off her dressage with a double clear and finished THIRD. What an end to the season… and also a massive well done to fellow Horslyx ambassador Pandora Briseldon (who we were parked next to…#teamhorslyx ow what?!) for her awesome results too