Laura Mannion’s Blog: Ambassador inspiration!

We caught up with our Irish Ambassador Laura Mannion and are delighted to hear how much being part of team Horslyx means to her, and how it’s already having a positive impact on her 2015 season!

“Other years, our horses would still be on their winter break. Being selected to join team Horslyx inspired me to kick-start the season off earlier. The only drawback to that is trying to work in inclement conditions. The month of February in the West of Ireland was quite a tough one and not having an indoor arena made it very hard to make any progress.”

“March has been much kinder so far, and Bridie and Coco have come on in ‘leaps and bounds’ and we were able to go to our first show in Cavan last weekend. This was meant to be a training show for the girls but they managed to pick up two 3rd’s and a 4th… Maybe reaping the benefits of Horslyx products!”

laura 7

“In the next couple of weeks we will be heading South to Cork for the Millstreet Welcome Tour CSI*. We hope to use this show to sharpen up the girls’ skills for some of the bigger shows later on in the year. We plan on competing in the 1m, 1.10m classes working our way up to the 1.25m class. All going well it should be a great experience for everyone.”

“We have a busy week ahead to get ready, the farrier is coming tomorrow (so new shoes for Bridie) and there will be lots of scrubbing, brushing and clipping to be done. This time we will be packing extra Horslyx mini licks and we will have a chance to show off our new Horslyx gear. Thanks again to Horslyx, you’ve given me a great boost! We have a stable full of happy horses – bring on the new season!”