Kim Chapman’s blog: The show must go on!

Read on to find out how Horslyx Ambassador, Kim Chapman, got on with the Horslyx sponsored show she recently organised…

“Where to start since my last blog! Well, I’ve not done much competing with Liz due to one thing and another, however, we are now back in action and training, with the view to September being our month – so watch this space as we have dressage at the beginning of the month and then the last showing show! We need to get out and about again if only to model the new Horslyx stuff we have received! The nummah’s and rug are fab!”

kim 4

“Although Liz hasn’t been to any shows over the last month, I have been out and about grooming. Think I’ve missed my calling here, I absolutely love the buzz of getting ready for a show and getting the horse and riders ready – if anyone is ever stuck, give me a shout – I even come complete with all my own showing kit! I’ve also been helping a friend with her ex-racer and trying to get her out and about – having dealt with Liz leaping about around my head when we first went out, an ex-racer who just doesn’t want to stand seemed like a lesser challenge! It was all just so exciting for her, whether it reminded her of racing with being on grass we’re not sure, but it was all too exciting for her and she just would not stand still! I’ve taken her to two in-hand shows in the last month and the difference between the first and this last one was amazing – definitely a horse to watch in the future! Still a few things to work on, mainly outside the ring as she’s very impatient, but a few more outings and I’d say she’ll have cracked it! An added bonus was even coming away with a couple of placing in the best conditioned which was brilliant as it was all about experience for her and getting her out and about.”

“Although the last month or so since my last blog hasn’t been full of competing that much – it has been full of organisation and planning for a show I ranup on our yard this last weekend – which Horslyx very kindly sponsored! If only someone could have sponsored the sun to have shone for us! Drowned rats was an understatement to say the least! But we were not letting the weather ruin the day!”


“I’d managed to rope my dad in as the photographer for the day – well, he did the morning and retreated to the warmth of the house – after having kindly modelled the Horslyx jacket (which he has stolen from me!) The weather was that bad we had to judge the in-hand under the barns! We did brave the weather for the ridden, but decided it wasn’t worth risking jumping as the school was so water logged, along with the judges! (myself and Alison!)”

kim 6

“So we will have a part two of the show, which hopefully will be this coming weekend – weather dependant for the jumping where I will hopefully be able to post loads of photos! So all in all, despite the weather, we all had a fab day although couldn’t believe our luck with the weather, Liz was more than happy overseeing everything from her stable, especially with us judging under the barns, it meant people were walking past her all the time, fussing her and giving her treats! (Unbeknown to her, she’s doing the clear round in the jumping next week too!) We just couldn’t believe it’s been nothing but sunshine for the last 3 months yet we picked the worst day of the lot – I’m sure if we’d jumped in a swimming pool we’d have been drier!”