Kim Chapman’s Blog: the Horslyx Ambassador Scheme has been a fantastic opportunuty!

We caught up with Horslyx Ambassador, Kim Chapman, as she looks back over 2014…

“This really isn’t how I wanted to be writing my last blog for Horslyx, with an injured horse! The plan was to have competed in the December Dressage…but, horses being horses, and more importantly Liz being Liz, she heard the mention of proper work and dressage and decided to self-harm instead, over reaching in the field and slicing her heal open.”

“This resulted in a nice visit from the vet and nearly 2 weeks box rest, she really does know how to pick her timings! Needless to say, with no practice and only being able to get back on 3 days before the dressage, we didn’t make it. (& unbeknown to everyone, they are now having bute and antibiotics as Christmas presents!) However, she is now back in work and coming along well, I’ve decided not to tell her we’re aiming for the January dressage – what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her! Because of her self-harming incident, we also missed 2 showing shows – I was gutted. I debated going and not doing the ridden, just in hand, but she was still not 100% sound so we decided to leave it for another day.”

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Horslyx, and Lauren Barber for putting up with my endless emails over the last year! I’ve had a fab year being out and about representing Horslyx, and it has forced me (in a good way!) to get out more than I probably would have with Liz, granted not as much as I would have liked over the past few months with injuries and what have you! It has been a fantastic opportunity and I’m so grateful to them for picking me – it just goes to show, you don’t have be out and about week in week out, doing this for a living to be given an opportunity like this, this is my hobby! So anyone sat debating applying for the 2015 Ambassador scheme what are you waiting for?! I did it – why can’t you?!”

“Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and an injury free 2015!”

Kim & Liz xxx

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