Horslyx Brand Ambassadors talk about how they are dealing with Covid-19 pressures.

Amy and Vikki Smith on Laburnam Richard and JP Corbally

With Horslyx committing to supporting its Brand Ambassador team through these unprecedented times, the Horslyx team has been finding out how the current lockdown is affecting the team and its everyday way of life.  Following the previous year’s successes, this year’s programme sees eight riders join the Horslyx team.


With riders competing in the highest echelons of the equestrian sporting world, the new team includes: Katie Jerram-Hunnable; Emily Galbraith; Amy & Vikki Smith; Rowan Crosby; and Richard Nichol. The band of riders are leading lights in the world of showing, eventing, showjumping and dressage.

Amy and Vikki Smith cantering Laburnam Richard and JP Corbally
Amy and Vikki Smith cantering Laburnam Richard and JP Corbally


Amy Smith: “We are so lucky here at Team Smith to have full support from owners, clients and our sponsors who are sticking by us in this terrible situation. The ponies will still be worked, ready for when the season does start so we will be fighting fit and ready to go. Please can everyone stay safe and follow guidelines and we will all beat this together.”



Katie Jerram-Hunnable and Chris Hunnable feed Horslyx Balancers to their team of show horses
Katie Jerram-Hunnable and Chris Hunnable


Katie Jerram: “We’re all so shocked how quickly this has disrupted our lives but we’re committed to following the guidelines to stay safe and protect as many people as possible.  It’s a hard time because the horses aren’t able to get out and compete and we were just starting to get the season started, so there is nothing better than using our Horslyx to relieve the boredom and make them feel happy on the outside and healthy on the inside.”




Harriet Beecroft: “So the recent new measures has meant I’ve had to stop all work, as advised by the NAVP

Harriet Beecroft Mini Horslyx Ambassador
Harriet Beecroft, Mini Horslyx Ambassador

(National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists), in the interest of public health. This is a bit of a strange one for me as ever since qualifying I’ve always worked, I’m missing my routine and my clients, but understand it’s necessary. I now haven’t left our farm for 7 days, which is a little strange! My 2 dogs think it’s the best thing ever, and I’m enjoying having the time to do everything with the horses at a leisurely pace rather than sticking to a tight time schedule. I am still riding, which I know a lot aren’t, but I’m only riding in my arena or around our farm and have decided not to hack to try and reduce any risks of an accident.”



Emily Galbraith: “I’m mainly focusing on the youngsters now.  This involves, schooling young ones, whilst the older ones are being put out and turned away.  On the whole we are just trying to keep positive… and jump gates round the farm pretending I’m eventing!”

Emily Galbraith Horslyx Ambassador at Alnwickford
Emily Galbraith Horslyx Ambassador at Alnwickford