Feed your horse for less than £15 per month in 2020!

Horse Licking 15kg Horslyx

Whilst we are experiencing a global pandemic with the threat of recession impending, it can often seem as though prices of everything still keep rising. As always, we as horse owners need to think savvy with our spending, without skimping on the welfare of our horses and ponies.

Horslyx Balancers are a highly nutritious feed lick containing a balance of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements your horse requires, optimising health and vitality, all in one tub!

Horse Licking 15kg Horslyx
Detonator II licking a 15kg Horslyx in a Horslyx Holder

Horses have been designed to spend long hours eating forage in a trickle feeding pattern. Forage is natural to the horse and it should be the most important aspect of your horse’s diet. However, the modern domestication of horses means they often have reduced time in the field and spend their time grazing in small pastures lacking variation in grasses and nutrients.

Horslyx Balancers offer a unique range of licks that all contain high specification vitamin, mineral and trace elements to balance the nutrient deficiencies in cut forage and grazing. Every single product also contains Biotin, Chelated Zinc and Methionine to promote healthy hooves, reducing the need to further supplement the diet with extra hoof health boosting additives.

The high oil content in Horslyx Balancers removes the necessity of including additional oils to the diet.  When teamed together with the other nutrients in the palatable formula, you can expect a healthy skin and coat.   The powerful antioxidants included, allow the body to deal with the free radicals produced during metabolism.

There are six formulations available to enable horse owners to target nutrition depending on need. Horslyx Mobility Balancer contains Glucosamine, MSM and Omega Oils for healthy, supple joints, while Garlic Balancer provides a simple method of administering the highly beneficial ingredient to provide a host of health benefits all year round and help deter insects in the warmer months.

Horslyx Respiratory Balancer contains Menthol, Aniseed and Eucalyptus to help soothe irritated airways, along with a powerful antioxidant package to help maintain healthy respiratory function for all equines, while Original Balancer provides the perfect all round forage balancer for every equine, including youngstock and horses prone to laminitis (when following recommended feeding guidelines).

Patented manufacturing process for Horslyx
 Horslyx is made by a unique manufacturing process

Horslyx Mint Balancer supports all round health and vitality with a cool refreshing flavour from real peppermint oil, ideal for fussy equines, while Pro Digest Balancer delivers a combination of ingredients to support the digestive system from the stomach to the hindgut while licking enhance the saliva production which helps buffer stomach acidity, a benefit common to all Horslyx Balancers.

The unique patented manufacturing process, using the highest quality ingredients results in a whole host of benefits for both you and your horse.  Horslyx Balancers do not include any chemical hardeners, artificial colours or preservatives, enabling the product to be more cost effective than many other lick products on the market place, however in comparison to pelleted balancers it is the method of feeding that benefits your pocket as well as your equine! Horslyx Balancers offer an economical way of balancing a diet with the recommended intake of 50 g/100 kg LW compared to 100g/100 kg LW for most compound balancers resulting in a feeding rate of half, but with the same benefits of everyday balanced nutritional support. And rather than the nutrition being fed at once in a bucket, with Horslyx Balancers they are licked throughout the day, which takes both time and patience, so the nutrition is absorbed little and often, just as it should be with trickle feeding.

Feeding a Horslyx Balancer costs from just 47p per day when feeding 15kg Horslyx Original Balancer at the recommended intakes for an average 500kg horse*. That works out at just under £15 for the whole month, making Horslyx extremely cost effective. For many horses, a diet of just Horslyx Balancer and forage supplies them with adequate energy and nutrient levels to perform,  especially on lockdown but alternatively for the more demanding equine, Horslyx Balancers work as an ideal nutritional support to be fed alongside cereal based feeds.

Horslyx Balancers are available in 5kg, 15kg and 80kg tubs and start at £13.25. For further information visit www.horslyx.com.  *Prices correct at May 2020.

Pack shots of all 15kg Horslyx Balancers
15kg Horslyx Balancer Range